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General conditions Rent a Bike


Nomad 2000 d.o.o., its representatives and employees are not responsible for bodily injury, material damage, loss or delay caused by any third party providing any service for Nomad 2000 d.o.o. Nomad 2000 d.o.o. and its employees are not responsible for any injury, death, damage or loss, as the use of bikes and equipment is beyond the control of Nomad 2000 d.o.o. Lessees cycle at their own risk and are expected to inspect and be aware of the state of the bicycles and equipment throughout the rental period. Nomad 2000 d.o.o. is not responsible for injuries or death due to possible incidents and accidents.
At Nomad 2000 d.o.o. we strongly recommend the use of bicycle helmets whenever cycling. Helmets are available for an additional fee.
Bikes, which are for rental, are in flawless working condition, which is checked both by a representative of Nomad 2000 d.o.o. and the lessee upon handover of the bicycle. The lessee agrees that he has received the bike in flawless condition upon handover. The lessee agrees to use the bicycles and equipment at their own risk. He also agrees to inform Nomad 2000 d.o.o. about any defects as soon as he notices them by writing an email and calling on the mobile number, which are both provided on the rental contract. E-mail: info@nomad2000.si, mobile phone number: +386 30 707 870.
The specifications of each bicycle are subject to change depending on the availability of replacement components. There will be no instructions for the use, assembly and maintenance of bicycles. By signing the rental contract, the lessee vouches for all the participants, that they are qualified, know how to use a multi-speed bicycle.

Delivery and collection

The lessee can pick up bicycles at the address of Nomad 2000 d.o.o. and return them to the same address.
In case of delivery to another address, the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. charges the cost of delivery and collection according to its valid price list. The lessee must inform the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. via e-mail about the exact delivery location and name, surname and mobile number of the person receiving the bikes and gear. The lessee is responsible for being ready to receive the bicycles and gear at the delivery location, or to have another person ready to do it in his/her stead, in which case the lessee must also ensure safe storage of bicycles until he/she arrives. The lessee is responsible for ensuring that the person picking up the bikes and gear at the specified delivery address agrees to safely storage all the delivered items.


Although the bikes, which are for rental, are in flawless working condition, they may need to be adjusted or maintained during the rental period. Such maintenance is carried out at the lessees’ expense, by the lessee himself or by an authorized bike shop.
Nomad 2000 d.o.o. covers the costs of damage due to equipment breakdowns over which the lessee has no influence; i.e. damage which occurs during transport or worn parts.
Any deficiencies must be reported to Nomad 2000 d.o.o. as soon as the lessee notices them.
The lessee must notify Nomad 2000 d.o.o. via e-mail and by calling the mobile phone number, both listed on the rental contract.
In order for the lessee to be entitled to reimbursement for spare parts or repair services, he is required to present Nomad d.o.o. with evidence of faulty components in the form of photos or videos. The lessee must also provide an invoice for new parts or services.
Nomad 2000 d.o.o. is responsible for defects such as worn bottom brackets, suspension and wheel hubs if there has been no damage done to these parts during the rental period.
Nomad d.o.o. is not responsible for the following defects during bike rental: gear adjustment / puncture / broken spoke / broken chain / broken derailleur / broken or bent derailleur hanger / broken dropouts / damaged wheel rim / damaged frames / torn seat / malfunction of e-bike battery / other damage to which Nomad 2000 d.o.o. cannot influence. Nomad 2000 d.o.o. is also not responsible for the consequences of the use or misuse of the bikes and gear by the driver.
At Nomad 2000 d.o.o. we recommend that you have some basic knowledge of bike handling and maintenance.


The lessee agrees to return the gear in the same state as it was received at the pick-up, with the normal wear and tear taken into consideration. The lessee also agrees to repair or replace any lost, stolen, damaged or broken bike parts or accessories, and agrees to reimburse any replacement fee to Nomad 2000 d.o.o. The lessee understands and agrees he is held accountable for any theft or damage to the bike and/or gear.


The lessee understands and agrees that any subletting of any items, rented from Nomad 2000 d.o.o. is prohibited. Any subletting immediately causes termination of the rental contract and any obligations from Nomad 2000 d.o.o. to the lessee.


The lessee assumes responsibility for all damage, loss or theft of personal property and accidents or injury of other individuals in relation to the rental equipment.


The lessor does not cover personal accident insurance.
We advise all parties to take out health and accident insurance. We recommend that it covers personal liability and personal items.


Bicycle rental: upon confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount is required to be paid to secure the reservation. The remaining amount is to be paid at the pick up or the lessees reservation is canceled. If the lessee refuses to pay the remaining 70% of the rental amount at the pick up, he agrees to forfeit the deposit of 30%, which was paid in advance.


A deposit for damage is required to be paid at the pick up of the bicycles. The deposit is paid in cash or as a credit card charge. The lessee must also provide his ID at the pick up.

The deposit is intended for the proper handling of the bicycle (cleanliness, minor damages). In the event of major damage, loss, or theft of the bicycle, these will be charged additionally under the general conditions below.
Any deposit given by the lessee will be used for and serves as insurance for the enforcement of all provisions of this agreement and all repairs required for the aforementioned equipment. If any lawsuit is filed to enforce any of the provisions of this agreement or to recover any amounts owed under this agreement, the lessee agrees to pay all legal fees, court costs, or other expenses.


In the event of loss, damage, or theft, the lessee is charged a replacement fee for the damaged bicycle or part of the bicycle. A list of replacement fees can be found below.

  • Commuting (trekking bike, such as KHS/Nakamura bike) - 400,00 €
  • Trekking bike - 1.000,00 €
  • Hardtail mountain bike - 1.000,00 €
  • Full suspension bike (front and rear suspension) - 2.200,00 €
  • E-bike - 3.000,00 €
  • Tool bag - 30,00 €
  • Waterproof bag (pannier) - 70,00 €
  • Bicycle light - 25,00 €
  • E-bike battery - 500,00 – 1.000,00 €
  • Battery charger - 150,00 €
  • Bike tools - 30,00 €
  • Pump - 25,00 €
  • Bike lock - 30,00 €
  • Bike lock key - 15,00 €
  • Inner tube - 10,00 €
  • Tire – 30,00 €
  • Damaged rim - 100,00 €
  • Damaged frame - 600,00 €
  • Damaged spoke – 30,00 €
  • Broken Chain – 50,00 €
  • Helmet - 50,00 €
  • GPS device - 300,00 €
  • Phone holder - 25,00 €

All prices include VAT.
If the lessee damages a part not included on the list, he will be charged for the respective part and service at the current market value.


The lessee has the right to terminate the rental at any time, but any and all costs incurred to the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. are paid by the lessee.
The lessee has to inform Nomad 2000 d.o.o. about the cancellation via e-mail, otherwise the cancellation is not considered valid.
Nomad 2000 d.o.o. has the right to recover the costs of cancellation. The date of written cancellation is the basis for calculating the cancellation fee.

The fee amount for cancelation:

  • up to 31 days before rental - 20 € administrative costs,
  • from 30 until 15 days before rental - 30% of the rental price,
  • from 14 to 8 days before rental - 50% of the rental price,
  • less than 8 days - the cost is 100% of the rental price.
Regardless of the cancellation fee specified above, it may be higher in the event it is required by the conditions of additional organization imposed on the agency NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. by the applicable sales conditions and by business partners.
Rentals that end before the final rental date are not entitled to a refund. All appropriate refunds will be issued after the return of all rented equipment.


If the lessee does not inform Nomad 2000 d.o.o. he will be returning the bikes and gear later than agreed upon, Nomad 2000 d.o.o. may choose to charge the lessee a fee. For each day the customer keeps the equipment after the return date specified in the rental contract, an additional rental day is charged, as well as a fee for the late retrieval in the amount of a daily rental of all the bikes and gear. The lessee must return all equipment directly to the office of Nomad 2000 d.o.o. or to the location agreed upon in advance with a representative of Nomad 2000 d.o.o.


Nomad 2000 d.o.o. protects all data obtained about the customer in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By signing the rental contract, the customer consents to the use of this data for fulfilling contractual obligations and rights as well as for direct marketing, market research, customer segmentation, statistical processing and informing customers about any offers from Nomad 2000 d.o.o. and its business partners. If the customer does not wish this, he can inform Nomad 2000 d.o.o. about this upon picking up the bikes and gear or in advance via e-mail.

Nomad 2000 d.o.o. reserves the right to publish photos of participants taken during the rental for promotional and marketing purposes (on websites, advertising leaflets, in catalogs ...).


In case of a dispute between the parties, the court with the authority for all disputes is the District Court in Ljubljana.

The general conditions for the rental of bicycles from the agency Nomad 2000 d.o.o. are an integral part of all rentals.

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