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Our trekking mission

At Adventure center Nomad2000 we specialize in walking tours and holidays in Slovenia. Our tours are meant for smaller groups of up to 16 people. Enjoy hiking, trekking and moutaineering in the Slovenian mountains. The basic purpose of our trekking and hiking tours is, for you to discover those hidden places of Slovenian Alps, hills and mountains, that are nowhere to be seen in regular tourist offers. Our guides have all the necessary know-how, licenses and are qualified for mountain tours. Walking tours are carried out with the help of a mobile unit, which includes a van, a driver and a guide. During multi-day tours, if the situation requires, we will drive you from one location to another. Our moto is, that we try to show our guests not just the mountains, but also Slovenia as it really is, the way we Slovenians see it. That is why our walking tours include views of Slovenia's natural and cultural sights and tasting of genuine Slovenian cuisine and drinks.

Why choose to wander the Slovenian mountains?

Slovenia is a land with a lot of forests, hills and mountains, that fascinates it's visitors with it's green colour the moment hey lay their eyes on it. Slovenia is a paradise for those, who like to use their free time for trips into the nature, hiking, moutaineering or trekking, since it is literally cowered with mountain trails. Mountaineering is, like skiing, a part of every Slovenian. To visitors that decide to see Slovenia and it's beauties on foot, we recommend a visit to the Triglav National Park, Bohinj and Bled with it's lakes, that personify the Slovenian Alpine landscape. River Sava with it's surrounding, over which stands the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav, is truly a mountaineering paradise, from which  clear streams flow over Alpine summits and grassy hills and in between, mountain trails. Truly a breathtaking site. We Slovenians are no less proud of our Trenta valley and the daughter of the mountains, the emerald river Soča.

Hidden beauties

But for those who want to discover the Slovenia behind Slovenia, they have to take a glimpse of the forgotten beauty of Karst Edge, the mystic intermittent Lake Cerknica, warmth of vineyards in Štajerska, Dolenjsko and Goriška Brda. Take a walk with us through the infinite Kočevje primeval forests, Trnovo forest and Snežnik, the last sanctuary for the brown bear, wolf and lynx. You will be able to set foot in a place, where the forests of the ancient Pohorje touch the skies, where mountain goats and chamoises graze on the sunny ridges of mountain pastures of the Kamnik - Savinja Alps, you will find yourself at the foot of the mighty Julian Alps, kingdom of the mountain eagle. And when you take a break at the foot of the mountains, at the counfluence of rivers and in the valleys, you get the chance to meet the small Slovenian towns, history, culture and customs of kind, happy people.

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