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Here at Adventure center Nomad2000 we organize climbing in Slovenia and neighbouring countries, under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors. If you decide to try out this type of sport yourself, you can join us on one of our day trip climbing adventures, where we will teach you about basic climbing and descending techniques.

During hot summers best climbing areas are those that face the northern side or can be found in the shades of the trees. Climbing areas in Bohinj or in Bohinjska Bela, both located in the Triglav national park, are a good place to start in those hot summer days, since you can cool off afterwards in Lake Bohinj or Lake Bled.

And when climbing in the spring or fall, you should choose climbing areas located at the seaside in Slovenia or the neigboring Croatia, like Črni Kal, Osp and Rovinj, where you will still be warm even when there is already snow in the inner parts of the country.

For further information please feel free to contact us, since the prices depend on the location of the climbing area, number of days, number of participants and accommodation.

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