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Wilderness Survival School is a longer nature survival adventure. In undiscovered parts of Slovenia the group will test the limits of their thinking, cooperation and innovation. We'll set up tents and live under the stars. Each day we will learn new skills and by the end of the school everybody will be able to survive outdoors.

The Wilderness Survival School encourages:

  • cooperation
  • motivation
  • good comunication on all levels
  • learning from mistakes
  • flexibility
  • team spirit
  • kreativity
  • positive thinking
  • conectedness
  • balance
  • time management
  • setting priorities
  • setting goals
  • success measurement

Wilderness Survival School

Wilderness Survival School is a school for life. We will spend our days in the nature - in the undiscovered parts of Slovenia. Each day you will learn new skills end enjoy the great outdoors. We'll set up tents and sleep under the stars.

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