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After a long week at work you can head off to a Team building weekend Slovenia with a mixed programme of fun nomadic games. There you can relax in the natural idyll of the homey places in treat yourself to the delicacies of the Slovene cuisine.



  • sporty cloth

Team building weekend – Bohinj

  • 1. day: forenoon: trekking along the gorge Mostnica to the valley Voje and seeing the waterfall Mostinca
  • 1. day: afternoon: nomadic games in the Voje valley
  • 2. day: forenoon: rafting on Sava Bohinjka
  • 2. day: afternoon: Pokljuka and exploring the alpine herdsmen's village of the planina Zajamniki.

Price includes:

  • organization, guidance and animation
  • necessary equipment and requisite to carry out the programme
  • 1x breakfast
  • 2x lunch
  • 1x dinner
  • accommodation for the night
Departure Arrival


no. of participants
2 days
April - October
Cerknica lake, Izola - Simon bay, Krka, Kolpa, Bohinj, Iški Vintgar, Velika Planina, Logarska valley.

Extra payments on your request:

  • preparing a location for a conference (depends on the location)
  • transport to the location of the event
  • evening event music programme and a DJ
  • upon your request we can record the whole event

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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