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Are you are tired of classic Team building programs? We prepared for you special Team building programs that include sailing. Join us on our sailing adventure, where you will get knowledge of basic navigation technisc, you'll learn about the sea, weather, about your co-workers and at the and about yourself as well. Being a good team on the sailing boat and in the company is very important. You'll experience something new, and most of all you'll fill your batteries for the next »adventure«.

Why to join Team building – sailing?

We can compare sailing with a company that navigates through a rough sea of business world. Comparing a crew on the boat with workers in the company and a company in the middle of the critical times with a sailing boat on the unpredictable sea.

  • comparing parameters of sailing – company's activity
  • precise organization of a crew – company
  • choosing the right direction and wind – market tendency
  • a control over the sea – market
  • following and monitoring changes on the sea – on the market
  • constantly analyzing the situation
  • achieving team’s harmony
  • planning the sailing route – development
  • the accurate time of new decisions and measures
  • up-to-date correction
  • constant control over the new circumstances

Sailing programs include biking trips, trekking and natural – cultural sightseeing.

Manager weekend

In our Sailing-Manager Weekend Programe we will practice our sailing knowledge between the islands of Krk, Goli and Rab. We will spread our legs on several islands, we trying mountainbiking and trekking to surrounding heights, with some of the best views on the islands.

Sailing - The Big Adriatic Adventure

Within this programme, we shall visit nearly all islands of the Lošinj archipelago: Lošinj, Susak, Srakane, Unije, Ilovik, the tiny islands of Oruda and Orjune as well as major neighboring islands Cres, Silba and Premuda.

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