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1-day wilderness survival ultimate workshop is for people all ages that want an intensive experience in the nature. In undiscovered parts of Slovenia you'll test the limits of you're tkniking, cooperation and innovation. The ultimate workshop will be held in cooperation with experts for the special forces, who have tons of experience with surviving extreme situations.

We'll choose between folloving activities:

  • orientation in wilderness
  • basic concepts and rules of survival
  • making fire
  • finding water
  • survival food
  • hoe to flay an animal
  • making tools and weapons
  • learning about plant and animal world
  • making a shelter
  • first aid / selfhelp
  • psychological training

We always adjust our workshops according to desires and needs of the group!


  • Standard hiking gear - depending on the season
  • waterproof clothes and headwear
  • spare clothes
  • trekking shoes
  • backpack
  • water bottle
  • sleeping bag
  • lying mat
Departure Arrival


no. of participants
1 day
Rakov Škocjan, Kolpa, Kamniška Bistrica, by agreement
Price includes:
  • organization, guidance and animation
  • necessary equipment and requisite to carry out the programme
  • 1 meal (self made)
  • water

Additional payments:

  • transfer
  • lunch or dinner
  • photography and filming

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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