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Within this programme, we shall visit nearly all islands of the Lošinj archipelago: Lošinj, Susak, Srakane, Unije, Ilovik, the tiny islands of Oruda and Orjune as well as major neighboring islands Cres, Silba and Premuda. Beside getting new sailing skills on our way, our aim is to discover some hidden secrets of the islands , walking and cycling . We won’t miss neither natural nor cultural attractions on our way.
Of course we will keep in mind the Mediterranean cuisine as well. In the evenings we will visit a typical restaurant “konoba” to try some local specialties like fish baked “ispod peke” or on “gradela”.



  • sportswear
  • oilskin jackett and trousers
  • swimming articles in summer
  • some warm clothes even in summer
  • sun protection glasses etc.
Day 1

Island Lošinj - Island Susak

After embarking on the sailboat and a refreshing meal, we will set our sails to island Susak which is known as “the sand island” for it’s sands structure, quite different from any other island in the Adriatic. We will discover some of it’s secrets, by walking to the scenic reef of the island (95 m) just above the little town. We can have a tasting there in a fine wine cellar or we can sit in one of the small restaurants called “osteria” for a dinner. We will spend the night on the boat in the Susak harbor.

Plan B: Sailing back to Lošinj in the afternoon and overnight on anchor in a beautiful bay surrounded with pine trees. The Mediterranean cuisine can be found there in a natural ambient on the open place “konoba” (Uvala Balvanida).

  • Activities: sailing, sightseeing
Day 2

Island Lošinj - Island Unije - Island Cres

After breakfast we are heading to Unije, along the islands of Vele and Male Srakane. There we leave the boat safely anchored in the Maračol bay. With the pneumatic boat we get ashore to start a short trekking to the only village on the other side of the island. On our way we can pass the island’s highest peak of some 95 meters above the sea. The dinner will be made and served on the boat, unless we find some better offer in a local restaurant. By the evening we should then reach Osor on the island of Cres. It is well known by it’s swing bridge over the canal to the island of Lošinj. If agreed in advance, we can treat ourselves with a fish picnic by the local fishermen (fish baked “on gradela”, “ispod peke” or cooked “lešo”).

  • Activities: sailing, rowing, trekking
Day 3

Osor – Island Lošinj - Island Cres

Some night crawlers will want to sleep a little longer and later decide for an easy walk through the historical little town of Osor and have a morning coffee there. Meanwhile, the rest of the group likely will choose a trekking to the highest peak of Osorščica (588m) to experience probably the best view of all Adriatic islands.
Plan B: We will reach the “Bellevue” (best view) point by mountain bicycles using the recently built macadam road.
After the lunch, we move our boat to another anchorage on the coast of Cres, perfectly well for a swimming in the summer. There we can spend the night in a beautiful bay on anchor, far away from civilization, attracted by the stars over our heads.

  • Activities: sailing, trekking, mountain bike
Day 4

Island Cres – The tiny islands Oruda and Orjune - Veli Lošinj

When sailing toward Veli Lošinj we can stop at the tiny islands of Oruda and Orjune. If the weather allows us, we can even disembark for a while – to explore the uninhabited tiny island and it’s ancient ruins. Our next stop is the old little harbor of Veli Lošinj. After the night in the wildness, this is the opportunity to have a glass of champagne in the resort of the imperial Austria aristocracy. We prolong to the island of Ilovik on the southern edge of Lošinj, for an overnight .

  • Activities: sailing, short trips, exploring smaller islands
Days 5 and 6

Island Ilovik - Islands Premuda /Silba

The romantic island of Ilovik will keep us for a morning coffee on shore, then we are about to start our way to the next couple of greater islands in the Lošinj neighborhood. It will be the wind of that day to decide where we shall moore our boat first , but surely we will decide to have our lunch again at the most proper time and place. This will be easy as we have the kitchen right with us, wherever we go. We have seen the island with no cars the day before already, but these two islands are even more romantic as they remind us of the exoticism of the further southern islands. Here we will only have a short walk to enjoy the nature, let it be early in the spring or in the Indian summer, which in both cases are lasting quite longer than back home, of course.

  • Activities: sailing, walking trips
Day 7

Island Silba / Premuda – Island Lošinj

The last day we are on the return journey to our home harbor of Mali Lošinj, on the island of Lošinj. This way we will fulfill the circle around the beautiful island of Lošinj, which was our host only twice. That is why we shall take some more time on the end of our adventure for sightseeing and even to taste some night life of the big harbor.

  • Activities: sailing, sightseeing
Day 8

Island Lošinj

It is our duty to check out from the sailboat the last day early in the morning, to drive us back home (optional transfer to Ljubljana).

Departure Arrival


no. of participants
8 days
throughout the year
Adriatic islands of Lošinj - Susak - Unije - Cres - Oruda and Orjune - Ilovik - Premuda - Silba

Price includes:

Sailboat charter and mooring
7 x overnight on the boat
7 x lunch or supper
7 x breakfast
trekking (easy guided tour)
mountainbike rental (easy guided tour)
entrance fees as per programme
organisation, guidance and animation (skipper)
turist tax


Transfer Ljubljana – Mali Lošinj
Dinner in a tipical restaurant or a fish-picnic
Wine tasting

Actual route depends on weather conditions and skipper is authorised to change it for safety reasons.

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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