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Bike tour through Triglav National Park, canyoning in a green-emerald river beds of Mostnica. During our adventure vacations in Slovenia we will also take a day off for visiting the capital Ljubljana. After a day of rest we start with some action again. A charming boat ride on Kolpa river, mountain trekking on Snežnik and a bicycle tour to the edge of an intermittent lake. All this and a lot more adventures with the program Adrenalin holidays



  • sporty clothes
  • cycling shorts and windstoper
  • mountain shoes (high ankle, profiled soles)
  • clothes for during the day, for rain
  • snacks for during the day, water-bottle
  • sun-glasses, sun-cream
  • headgear for the sun, a cap
  • a pullover
  • a backpack (not a bag)
  • cycling (a small cycling backpack)
  • walking rods
  • toilette paper
  • sneakers or slippers for the cottage
  • a flashlight or a pocket torch
  • personal document
  • spare underwear, socks
  • something to cover the backpack
  • toiletries (toothbrush)
Day 1

Triglav National Park - Pokljuka (bicycle tour) – Bohinj

Arrival to Slovenia and transfer into the heart of Triglav National Park. From Pokljuka we head on to Bohinj lake. Pokljuka is a forestry plateau at the altitude of around 1300 meters, known for its winter sports facilities, among which is also the yearly Biathlon World Cup. Pokljuka is also a common getaway for mountaineers and ideal place for trekking, skiing and much more. Descending Pokljuka, we visit Alpine dairy-farm Zajamniki and Uskovnica where we are welcomed to try some authentic Slovenian food as “štruklji” and sour milk. After returning to Bohinj we take some time for a rest, continuing with a ride with bicycle around the lake, following Sava Bohinjka river till Bohinjska Bistrica. Accommodation in Bohinj.

  • Activity: cycling from Pokljuka (4 - 5 hours)
Day 2

Bohinj - canyon Mostnica (canyoning) - Bled

After brunch we will do canyoning in Mostnica, which is one of the most significant and beautiful canyons in Bohinj. We will gain our forces back with a lunch and visiting Museum of Alpine dairying where you will learn about lifestyle of Alpine herdsmen who lived on this area decades ago. Departure to Ljubljana follows in the afternoon. On our way we stop in Bled. Overnight in Ljubljana. 

  • Activity: canyoning Mostnica (3 - 4 hours)
Day 3


After the breakfast we will spend our time in Ljubljana visiting the main sight seeings of the town. It is worth to mention Ljubljana castle which was built as a defence against invaders in medieval period. We will also observe Ljubljana and its valley from the castle tower. After descending the castle we will spend relaxing time visiting the narrow and picturesque streets of town of Ljubljana which give a special charm to our journey. It is impossible to avoid Ljubljana's market which was designed by the most notable Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik and its one of the most important Slovenian features. After Plečnik's market we will go to the main square where the statue of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren stands. Our afternoon will be remarkable with the visit of riverside of Ljubljana which appeals to tourists, students, street musicians and many others with its beauty, magic and dynamic and where we will taste the real joie-de-vivre. We will conclude our day with boat trip on Ljubljanica river and spending the night in one of the numerous pubs Ljubljana has. Overnight in Ljubljana or its suburbia.

Day 4

Canyon of Kolpa river (rafting, kayaking or canoeing)

Our tour continues after an early breakfast in direction of Kolpa river. On the way there we stop near Osilnica where we visit Nežica waterfall and the Kostel castle. After a short rest which is meant for brunch and coffee we do a slight river descend with mini rafts. On your request we can provide you also a ride with kayaks or canoeing. Dinner and a lovely evening will await us in Osilnica.

  • Activity: rafting with mini rafts on Kolpa (3 - 4 hours)
Day 5

Snežnik (trekking)

Crossing Croatia we reach Babno polje and Snežnik (1797) that is the highest peak of the Dinaric Alps. There is a mountain hut just below its peak towards the border with Croatia. Trekking on Snežnik is one of the easiest. Position of the mountain itself, sunny weather and clarity of the sky contribute to magnificent view from Alps to Adriatic sea. After the trekking we continue with our tour to Cerknica lake where we spend the night.

  • Aktivity: trekking to Snežnik (4 - 5 hours)
Day 6

Cerknica lake (bicycle tour)

After the breakfast we will head off to regional park Rakov Škocjan by bikes. We will ride our bikes over the curvy paths of Karst world. Taking the natural educational trail we will see Great and Little natural bridge and eventually come to Cerknica lake. Cerknica lake is an intermittent lake which represent the phenomena of the Karst world. Its characteristics are represented in a museum which is located in Dolnje Jezero. Our day concludes in Ljubljana where we say goodbye in night hours. Accommodation and overnight in the capital.

  • Activity: bicycle tour around Cerknica lake (4 - 5 hours)
Day 7

Ljubljana - Airport

In the morning you will have time for souvenir-shopping in downtown Ljubljana, and we will make sure that you will arrive on Brnik carefree and on time and fly back to everyday reality.

Departure Arrival


no. of participants
from 12 years
7 days
April - October
easy / moderate

Price includes:

  • all transports on the mentioned routes (one piece of luggage per person)
  • a transport from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana and back
  • accommodation in tourist farms, private rooms, hostels and hotels **/***
  • 6x overnight with breakfast in 2-beds rooms and 6x dinner
  • cycling (renting and transporting the bicycle, protective helmet)
  • trekking
  • kayaking/canoeing
  • canyoning in Mostnica
  • entry fee for the Museum of Alpine dairying and Ljubljana castle
  • a trip with a river boat on Ljubljanica river
  • Slovenian guides and organization
  • tourist taxes

Extra payments on your request:

  • single room 120 €
  • lunch from 5 -15 € /person/day

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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