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Adventure center Nomad2000 presents Outdoor travel Slovenia - The Mediterranean adventure. Beside the highest alpine peeks Slovenia also includes a rich Karst underworld with multiple caves and underground streams and also quite a few kilometres of sea coast with beautiful and interesting sea bottom. On the tour Outdoor travel Slovenia - The Mediterranean adventure we will mount one of the Primorska peaks, we will explore the underwater world and the Karst underworld, we will go cycling and we will taste good Slovenian food and wine from Karst.



  • cycling shorts and windstoper
  • sporty clothes
  • mountain shoes (high ankle, profiled soles)
  • clothes for during the day, for rain
  • snacks for during the day, water-bottle
  • sun-glasses, sun-cream
  • headgear for the sun, a cap
  • a pullover
  • a backpack (not a bag)
  • cycling (a small cycling backpack)
  • walking rods
  • toilette paper
  • sneakers or slippers for the cottage
  • a flashlight or a pocket torch
  • personal document
  • spare underwear, socks
  • something to cover the backpack
  • toiletries (toothbrush)
Day 1

Ljubljana - Nanos, Vremščica or Slavnik (trekking) – Zazid

On our way towards the coast, a couple of beautiful peeks, which can offer an authentic mountain atmosphere, cross our path. Considering the weather conditions we later climb one of the Primorska peaks Nanos, Slavnik or Vremščica. After the descend, we drive to the edge of Karst where we in the pleasant ambient of the small village Zazid spend the night.

  • Activity: trekking on one of the Primorska peeks (3-4 hours)
Day 2

Slovenian coast - diving or sailing– Piran

In the morning we drive to the Slovenian coast and you can pick from 2 activities: diving or sailing. If you decide to go diving, we dress into diving-suits, put on masks and breathing devices and perform intro dive in Fiesa. Otherwise we'll rent a sailboat in Izola and spread our sails along the coast (2 - 3 hours). If the water is warm, there will be plenty of time also for sunbathing and swimming, in colder weather you can visit the sauna and the pool. We take a walk toward the maritime city of Piran. Overnight in Zazid.

  • Activity: scuba-diving or sailing
Day 3

Karst (bicyle tour, sports games)

In the morning we drive to the heart of Karst, into the country famous for its wine Teran, its red soil - Terra rossa, Karst prosciutto, authentic stone houses, the Karst north wind called Burja, Karst caves and the Lipicaner horse breed. We will ride our bikes over the curvy paths of Karst and during the way admire the Karst villages and countryside. We will take a short stop on a local farm and taste the Karst Teran and prosciutto. In the late hours of the afternoon we will drive to the camp Pivka Jama, where we will play a friendly game of basketball or beach volleyball. We will have dinner near Postojna. Overnight in bungalows.

  • Activities: bicycle tour over Karst (cca 30-45 km), sports games
Day 4

Škocjan caves (walking) – Ljubljana

The underworld of the Škocjan caves park has until now the biggest known underwater canyon and since 1986 is a part of the valuable Unicef wordly inheritance. After the finished tour we will take a walk on the natural-science educational trail (2 km). You will enjoy the spectacular views overseeing the deep basins, cliff walls, underground river Reka and the near-by hills. We will end the trip in a pleasant Karst village, where we will indulge ourselves to the Karst delicacies from the home cuisine. All that is left is the drive to the capital Ljubljana, where we say our goodbyes in the evening hours. We spend the night in Ljubljana.

  • Activity: walking in the Škocjan caves and the educational trail (2-3 hours)
Departure Arrival


no. of participants
from 12 years
4 days
April - October

Price includes:

  • all transports on the mentioned routes (one piece of luggage per person)
  • a transport from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana and back
  • accommodation in tourist farms, private rooms, hostels and hotels **/***
  • 2x overnight with breakfast in hostel Zazid
  • 1x overnight with breakfast in 2-beds rooms
  • 3x dinner and 1x lunch
  • 1x overnight in bungalovs (4-beds rooms) or tents with breakfast
  • degustation of Karst wine and Karst prosciutto
  • cycling (renting and transporting the bicycle, protective helmet)
  • trekking
  • intro dive with basic equipment or sailing
  • entry fee for the Škocjan caves
  • Slovenian guides and organization
  • tourist taxes

Extra payments on your request:

  • single bed 60,00 €
  • lunch from 5 - 15 € /person/day

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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