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Cycling holidays in Slovenia is a great way to experience a small, colorful country, where you can bicycle from Alpine peaks to the Adriatic Sea in just one day. Bicycling through valleys of magical Slovenian rivers and lakes, which are just prefect for relaxation and cooling off in the hot summer days, is nothing but pleasure.
The seven days cycling tour Slovenia are wraped in a bicycle tour ‘Slovenian rivers and lakes’ that follows the mysterious rivers Iška, Krka, Sava Bohinjka, Soča and Dragonja and takes us past the magical Lake Cerknica, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.



  • cycling shorts and windstoper
  • sporty clothes
  • mountain shoes (high ankle, profiled soles)
  • clothes for during the day, for rain
  • snacks for during the day, water-bottle
  • sun-glasses, sun-cream
  • headgear for the sun, a cap
  • a pullover
  • a backpack (not a bag)
  • cycling (a small cycling backpack)
  • walking rods
  • toilette paper
  • sneakers or slippers for the cottage
  • a flashlight or a pocket torch
  • personal document
  • spare underwear, socks
  • something to cover the backpack
  • toiletries (toothbrush)
Day 1

Ljubljana – Iški Vintgar canyon

Arrival in Ljubljana, there we take a bicycle tour of the city. We drive through the center and take a look at the medieval architecture. We continue through Ljubljana moor until we reach its edge where the Iška River Canyon starts. We drive into the Iški Vintgar canyon and if it is warm enough, we take a swim. We return to Ljubljana. We spend the night in Ljubljana pubs. Overnight.

  • Track length: approximately 45 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 5 – 6 hours
Day 2

Krka River canyon – Žužemberk – Dolenjske Toplice spa

From Ljubljana we drive towards Muljava, birthplace of an important Slovenian writer Josip Jurčič and the bicycling starting point for today. After Muljava we will take a look at Krško Cave, from there we head along Krka River Canyon, past small Lower Carniola villages to Žužemberk. There we will have a short brake. We continue our drive towards Dolenjske Toplice spa. We can relax in the sauna or the pool before bedtime (additional payment required). Overnight.

  • Track length: approximately 40 km
  • Extra activities: an evening swim in the pool and sauna
  • Approximate time of duration: 7 – 8 hours
Day 3

Osilnica – Kolpa River ravine – Brod na Kolpi

We drive from Dolenjske Toplice towards Kolpa River valley early in the morning. Day 3 of our bicycling trip starts in Osilnica. The path will lead us through the beautiful Kolpa river canyon, which is full of locations of natural and historical importance. Bathing is possible in all parts of the river. We end our bicycling tour for today with a fish dinner in Prelesje (optional). We spend the night in Ljubljana.

  • Track length: approximately 45 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 5 – 6 hours
Day 4

Triglav National Park – Lake Bled – Pokljuka – Lake Bohinj

From Ljubljana we drive towards Bled. We take a look at Bled and Bled castle (optional), and then we drive on to the Pokljuka Mountain plain (approx. 1000 m), where each year the world cup cross-country skiing and biathlon competitions take place and where we start our bicycling tour for today. From Pokljuka we descend past Zajamniki and Uskovica, beautiful Bohinj meadows. There we can treat ourselves to some sour milk, hard-boiled corn mush, potica or some other home-made delicacy. We continue our trip to Lake Bohinj, a true pearl of the mountains. We spend the night in Bled.

  • Track length: approximately 40 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 3 – 4 hours
Day 5

Vršič Pass – Soča River canyon - Bovec

From Bled we drive through Radovna River valley towards the largest Slovenian ski resort – Kranjska Gora. We take a short brake. We continue towards the mountain pass Vršič (1611 m), which is located at the center of Triglav National Park. From Vršič, we ascend into the Trenta Valley, home of the well known Soča River. Our bicycling tour for today starts here. The tour takes us through the idyllic alpine surrounding of the Trenta Valley, from the spring, along the river-bed, past Kluže Fort, all the way to Bovec. We spend the night in Bovec.

  • Track length: approximately 30 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 3 – 4 hours
Day 6

Dragonja River canyon – Sečovlje Salina - Piran

From Bovec we head towards the Adriatic Sea. The last part of our bicycling tour starts in Marezige, a village above Dragonja River. We follow the Dragonja River canyon, all the way to the nature park Sečovlje Salina. There we can observe how the salt was being harvested in the old days (optional). We continue our trip by the sea until we come to the most beautiful Slovenian coastal town-Piran. This is also where we will spend the night.

  • Track length: approximately 40 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 4 – 5 hours
Day 7

Škocjan caves – Lake Cerknica - Ljubljana

From the coast we drive towards Škocjan, where we have a chance to take a look at the world-famous Škocjan caves (optional), which were listed on the Unesco world heritage list, due to the largest known underground canyon that was discovered here. After lunch we continue to the intermittent Lake Cerknica, located in the Rakov Škocjan nature park. What follows is the seventh bicycle tour, panoramic trip around the lake. We return to Ljubljana where we spend the night.

  • Track length: approximately 30 km
  • Approximate time of duration: 3 – 4 hours
Departure Arrival


8 - 16
no. of participants
from 12 years
7 days
April - October
25 - 50 km per day
gathering location

Price includes:

  • transportation to the mentioned locations
  • accommodations in tourist farms, private rooms, hostels or hotels **/***
  • 7 x bed and breakfast in two bedded rooms
  • escort vehicle (luggage transportation between hotels – one piece of luggage per person)
  • transportation of your own bicycle
  • an English speaking guide who follows the group in a van (you will be accompanied by a Slovenian english speaking guide throughout the trip on the days 1. and 4.)
  • tourist tax and organization

Extra payments on your request:

  • single bed room 140 €
  • entry fee for pool and sauna – Dolenjske toplice spa 17 €
  • a transport from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana and back
  • entry fees (Bled Castle, Škocjan Caves, Sečovlje Salina) cca.24 €
  • renting a safety helmet for 7 days: 24 €, renting a bicycle for 7 days (mountain bikes): 70 €

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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