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Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia’s tallest mountain and Slovenia’s national symbol. We will approach the mountain in a unique kind of way, without having to use a grip or a safety ladder. On our tour  Trekking Slovenia we will constantly remain in Triglav’s shadow, and keep an eye on it. Trekking Slovenia ‘In the shade of Triglav’, begins in the Triglav National Park, on the mountain plain Pokljuka, where every year we can observe world cup competitions in cross-country skiing and biathlon. From Pokljuka we ascend to Viševnik (2050 m) and from there we continue to Vodnik’s mountain hut on Velo polje.
On the next day, we continue our trekking towards alpine herders’ valley Voje, where we will try out sour milk and žganci. Followed by a walk through ravine Mostnica and then we will end our trip with a swim in the crystal clear Lake Bohinj.



  • appropriate clothing
  • hiking shoes (high ankles, high profile boots)
  • wind and rain resistant clothing
  • snacks
  • water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • headgear for protection against the sun
  • a hat
  • pullover
  • a backpack
  • walking sticks
  • toilet paper
  • sneakers or sandals to wear in the mountain hut
  • flashlight or a headlamp
  • identification
  • extra underwear, socks
  • backpack cover
  • personal hygiene accessories (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, moist tissues, a small towel …)
Day 1

Pokljuka - Viševnik - Srenjski preval - Vodnik’s mountain hut

From the snow stadium on Pokljuka we climb on Viševnik, which is a popular spot in winter for back country skiers. We descend on the other side onto Srenjski preval and onto Jezerca, from there the path leads us towards Vodnik’s mountain hut on Velo polje. The distance from Jezerca to the mountain hut is also a location for the annual running event ‘Triatlon jeklenih’ (Triathlon of the iron ones). Spending the night at the mountain hut.


  • Pokljuka: 1347 m (Rudno polje)
  • Viševnik: 2050 m
  • Srenjski preval: 1959 m
  • Vodnik’s mountain hut on Velo polje: 1817 m
Day 2

Vodnik’s mountain hut - Voje

From Vodnik’s mountain hut we descend into the beautiful alpine herders’ valley Voje. From Voje we descend down the ravine of river Mostnica to Bohinj and its lake. We take a swim in the lake and return to Ljubljana.


  • Vodnik’s mountain hut on Velo polje: 1817 m
  • Voje valley: 690 m (mountain hut on Voje)
  • Bohinj: 531 m (Sv.Janez)
Departure Arrival


no. of participants
from 12 years years
2 days
June - October

Price includes:

  • transport from Ljubljana and back
  • accommodation: 1 night in a mountain mountain hut (common sleeping room)
  • 1 x breakfast
  • 1 x dinner
  • experienced mountain guide

General travelling conditions and travelling instructions are part of the programme.

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